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Choekyi Norzom
I play this machine for 60 cent. Won 350 . 40 cent won 250 . My favorite machine
Comment from : Choekyi Norzom

Maryann Galante
I love this game but I wish people would just press the spin button after a win instead of watching the credits increase.
Comment from : Maryann Galante

Arizona 1822
is it possible to revisit this machine always enjoyed it
Comment from : Arizona 1822

lovess 40
I love this game
Comment from : lovess 40

Country Boy
I always play 1 or 2 dollars everytime for that reason
Comment from : Country Boy

Bernadette Smith
Comment from : Bernadette Smith

my favorite game. i love the music on it.
Comment from : DiafideliasinVegas

Maria Barton
Wow 😲 interesante!
Comment from : Maria Barton

me Tuttle
Comment from : me Tuttle

Miss Kitty's Random Thangz
My favorite machine
Comment from : Miss Kitty's Random Thangz

scottie jones
Comment from : scottie jones

scottie jones
THE MAXS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : scottie jones

Mark Maxwell
when I go to Tropicana here in Evansville Indiana if I get Free Games it says press a button what will Happen if I press max bet?
Comment from : Mark Maxwell

Mark Maxwell
I love that sound when I get it to Multiplers it lights up and the Money​ Numbers go so fast then it spins real fast
Comment from : Mark Maxwell

Cheryl. Howard
How to start playing Utube games ?
Comment from : Cheryl. Howard

Shane Padgett
why post 40. bets
Comment from : Shane Padgett

Jacqueline Hicks
Hey, do you know the name of the machine where there's a tall screen for the bonus rounds with various colors of sevens, i.e., three yellow 7s, above that -three blue 7s, above that purple 7s, etc. The higher up the 7s, the greater the win. When the spin lands on one of these, it shouts out, "HOLD THAT SEVEN!".
Comment from : Jacqueline Hicks

יהודה חי
44 DOLAR...................
Comment from : יהודה חי

Lori Walcker
I played this slot today at the las vegas airport.. VERY FUN GAME. especially with the bonus feature. as stated by ZERO to raise my bet I did but it seemed to pay out the if not when i bet 40 cents a spin or 4 dollars so I put it back down to 40.
Comment from : Lori Walcker

Hoping to see these in Vegas next month.
Comment from : TheJbeau23

Danny Bailey
We just rolled these out in the Indian casinos in NW Oklahoma. They seem to have a decent pay scale competitive to the bet amount. Definitely a new classic.
Comment from : Danny Bailey

all that for 40 bucks? phht.
Comment from : TJ

.40 bet wow
Comment from : K6

Jennifer Goodwin
"Seasoned" gamers of a certain age have loved double triple diamond games since IGT brought them out in 1989. How about you, grandpa? Is this your new favorite game too?
Comment from : Jennifer Goodwin

brandon allen
I love this game I won 242$ in the bonus round betting 1$ the most I have won on it
Comment from : brandon allen

Adam Clark
Wasn't all mechanical reel slots today controlled by a computer?
Comment from : Adam Clark

winfor alifetime777
good win !!!! :-) :-)! :-)
Comment from : winfor alifetime777

Mark Kohan
Cool game. Where was this?
Comment from : Mark Kohan

Nice win on .50 bro
Comment from : Ditkazbearz2

spazztech Luxx
Ah yes, I liked double diamonds and triple diamonds and double triple diamonds in the older games.  Looks like this one has an OK payback too.
Comment from : spazztech Luxx

Of all the new games you've presented us with this is the numero uno. I like the old fashion play of the game and the new touches to make this a very exciting game to play. Next time I go to the Montreal casino I put in a request and see what they come up with. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : sauropod

Nice win and I like the way the game plays and the overall look and feel. It's like the old pull handle slots on steroids 😎
Comment from : I EXIST

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